Pretty Smart Textiles

a traveling exhibition that showcases the latest developments in the world of electronic textiles and wearable technology

Pretty Smart Textiles

Pretty Smart Textiles

Dutch designers on the edge of fashion, art and technology. Pretty Smart Textiles is a travelling exhibition showcasing the latest developments in the world of electronic textiles, a new medium at the intersections of fashion, art and technology. The exhibition is an interactive experience leading the viewer through a multi-sensory discovery of new possibilities for garments and interior architecture.

The exhibition explores themes that arise from reflections on technology. Some works visualise psychological dimensions and pinpoint difficulties of social interaction, using technology to externalise or complement the imperfections of human beings. Other works grapple with the abstract and clinical aspects of technology, trying to make the invisible visible and the intangible tangible. But not all works treat technology as a problem to be solved. Some simply embrace the new aesthetics of technology and give textiles a new dynamic through sound, movement and light.

In collaboration with the participating artists special interfaces were developed to enable the visitors to interact and physically experience the essence of the works, since the pieces were all about interaction but too delicate to touch. 

My responsibilities entailed being in charge of the overall concept, design, production and management of the project team. 

2010 - 2012 The Hague, Denmark, Vienna, Belgium

Photography by David Joosten

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